Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zoh moves on

Zoh Vivian Pemble Murphy left this life at 7 am this morning surrounded by her family.


  1. I am sorry for your loss. Not sure why Google thinks I am Julia.

    Dave Channon

  2. I am very sorry. This is a terrible thing to have to endure. I don't know what else to say.
    Bob West

  3. She was in a special place with you Hank.
    And will always be.

  4. I'm so sorry Henry. I can't imagine your pain.

  5. Zoh brought much love and joy into the the Murphy clan that I've been a part of most of my life. Her presence here displayed a radiance that warmed everyone she encountered. While here, she created and nurtured two bright and wonderful spirits into our world. We are so thankful.

    Her grit, strength and perseverance was an example to us all.

    You are all in our hearts and we are sending you our love.


  6. I am sorry. I know your heart is aching so be kind to yourself. The people who love and appreciate you are here for you and we want to see you smile again. Always, jan

  7. I didn't get a chance to know Zoh, but I know how happy she made you, Hank. She must have been an amazing woman. I'm so sorry.

  8. Zoh once became my lifeline, when I almost drowned some 20+ years ago at Stinson beach, off the Coast of California. During a morning of playing in the waves I was swept out by a riptide. I could not see the beach and was swallowing heaps of water, but I could catch glipses of Zoh, who was standing somehwere far away in the waves, jumping up and down, waving her arms in the air, so we would not loose each other. I hung on to you standing there Zoh,and somehow I survived. I am sad you have moved on to another side now, but I feel like you are watching again, all of us, as we are moving on, never, ever forgetting you and keeping your memory alive with our love for you.

  9. The previous post (at 5:57 PM) was written by me, Iris...

  10. We are all so sorry for your loss.


  11. I knew Zoh from the breast cancer message boards. She was loved and will be missed by many. She dealt with her illness with courage, humor and grace. My condolences to her husband and family. She was always an inspiration to me.

  12. I only met Zoh in October of last year and through her posts on breast cancer.org I feel I know a little about her loving family. She reached out to so many of her breast cancer sisters, making us laugh, helping us through hard times, answering questions, even as she was battling her own disease, hoping for that elusive cure. She was so proud of the young man Willie has become and the fun little girl that was Susan. She looked so forward to the good days that she could spend doing fun things with her family. She was such a vibrant personality and loved by so many. Thank you, Henry, for sharing the love of your life with us! Hugs, Glenna

  13. Henry, I read Zoh's posts on the breast cancer forum and - like so many others - quickly grew to love her. I took the liberty of writing the following poem entitled "A Golden Thread" in her memory. I hope it helps bring comfort to your family, and especially your little girl. - Anne

    Late at night when the stars peep out
    and the fullest moon is shining
    A shimmering caterpillar wakes from sleep
    to create a special binding.
    Although he's tired he begins his work
    in the deepest dark of the night.
    He begins to weave a special thread
    of a golden color bright.
    The silver moon alights his way
    as the thread gets ever longer.
    And carefully he binds this thread
    to make it ever stronger.
    The glowing thread begins to lift
    until it reaches past the sky
    where the outstretched hand of Zoh awaits
    to catch it as it sails by.
    Zoh gathers up the entire thread
    like gloss in her hand it shines
    and lovingly she extends one end
    to her children with whom it binds.
    Zoh and her family are bound forever
    by the ends of a golden thread.
    And the happy caterpillar returns to sleep
    safe and warm within his bed.

  14. I also knew Zoh through BreastCancer.org. What a beautiful, funny, intelligent, caring and unique woman. Her love of her son and daughter could be completely felt through her posts. Willie, I just know she is beaming with pride in heaven after your beautiful tribute to her at her memorial. You can tell she did a great job raising her kids and her connection with them will be forever strong. My heart and prayers are with her family as you deal with the loss of beautiful Zoh.

  15. Willie,
    You did a beautiful job telling the story of your mom's journey. That fill in the blank cancer is such a terrible thing to have taken your mom away from you! I love the casket you and your dad built for her. I am so sorry for the pain you have had to endure at such a young age but can smile knowing your mom has you headed in the right direction.

  16. I met Zoh when I first moved to CA, over 20 years ago. We lost touch and I tried and tried to find her on the internet, with no avail. Until today. What sad news to find. My condolences to her family. Zoh was a bright light and unique soul. I loved our few moments together and will treasure those memories.