Thursday, January 19, 2012

Zoh sent this email to the husband of a online friend who had died, "My name is Zoh and I have also faced the death of a partner. I also have stage IV and a husband and kids. There is no way for you to escape the pain you feel now. Much as you might want it to at times, it wont kill you. You will laugh again with great joy, but no time soon. You will eat and sleep like a normal person again, but probably not now. In all of your desperate agony - know that you are safe. You HAD to be in her life at the end time. You can see that - Yes? For now - breath in and breath out. Eat sometimes - shower sometimes - stay where you feel most comforted. Don't push your recovery. How we live through death and grief is a Mystery. You don't have to understand. You don't have to be good at it. You were there for her. You loved her and she knew it and that made her special and safe in a way that nothing else ever could as cancer came and she went. I hope that she was able to receive the gift of your presence, commitment and love during her illness with the same grace that you offered it. Be easy darling friend. We are holding you so close in our hearts." Good advice to her family and friends as well... Thanks Darling

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